What is the RIDES scheme?

RIDES (Realising Innovative Deliveries in Eastleigh and Southampton) is a trial service that allows local organisations to hire an electric cargo bike for free and see whether they can provide a practical alternative for urban deliveries. The purpose of the trial is to support and encourage the uptake of alternative sustainable delivery methods across the Southampton City Region.

Southampton City Council, in partnership with Eastleigh Borough Council, are making a fleet of electric cargo bikes available to businesses and educational, charitable, community and voluntary sector organisations for the trial.

Zedify Southampton has been appointed as the service provider responsible for maintaining the bikes and managing the scheme. Zedify is a national zero emissions delivery service which uses an all-electric fleet of specially adapted cargo bikes, trikes and vans to serve the needs of local businesses, national brands and local authorities. Southampton’s Zedify operation is run by The Hub Cycleworks bike store in Shirley and provides several delivery services to the council.

Why should I consider using an e-cargo bike?

This project will support more local organisations to adopt a greener alternative to traditional deliveries, leading to reduced congestion and improved air quality. Trialling a RIDES e-cargo bike is free and will allow you to experience how choosing a more sustainable delivery method can work for your business or organisation.

Case Studies

Here are two examples of how the RIDES e-cargo bikes are being used:

Trojan Mailing -  Making local deliveries as part of the RIDES e-cargo bike FREE trial

Swaythling Primary School - Putting a RIDES e-cargo bike to good use in the community

How can I trial a RIDES e-cargo bike?

To trial a RIDES e-cargo bike, your business or organisation must be in the Southampton City Council Local Authority area or Eastleigh Borough Council Local Authority Area. You can trial a bike for just a weekend event or for a longer period of up to 3 months.

We will ask you to fill out a RIDES project application form for your trial, where you will be required to detail: how long you’d like to trial the bike for, for what purpose, and the aims of your trial.

If your application is successful, any staff or volunteers wishing to use the bike will have to take part in a short training session about operating the bikes and loading them correctly. Training is provided free of charge.

Priority will be given to businesses and organisations already working with My Journey’s Workplaces and Community Teams.

If you are interested in trialling a RIDES e-cargo bike, please email the RIDES project manager, Stuart Williams, at stuart.williams@southampton.gov.uk

How many e-cargo bikes are available?

RIDES has a fleet of five Tern GSD S00 e-bikes and five Urban Arrow flatbed e-bikes equipped with lockable boxes capable of carrying up to 100kg to enable the transportation of multiple goods in and around the city.

How is RIDES funded?

RIDES is funded by a £50,000 grant from the Government’s eCargo Bike Grant Fund, following a successful funding bid in partnership with The Hub Cycleworks and Monty’s Bike Hub, supported by Zedify Southampton. The Department for Transport funding, which was administered by the Energy Saving Trust, is designed to help organisations foster a more sustainable approach to operational practices.

If, after the trial, I see a use for e-cargo bikes within my business or organisation, how can the council support me further?

A My Journey Workplaces Travel grants is available to businesses working with the My Journey Workplaces team, so you can apply for up to £5k of match funding to help you purchase your own e-cargo bike. Find out more about applying for a Workplace Travel Grant and contact workplaces@myjourneyhampshire for more information.