Enterprise Car Club

What is Enterprise Car Club?

Enterprise Car Club provides an alternative to car ownership – allowing their members to only pay for the time that they actually need a vehicle for, rather than for it to sit idly on a driveway for most of the time.

Vehicles are placed in convenient locations around the city and can be booked for as little as half an hour or up to a week. Insurance, parking and even fuel is included in the price. Plans start from £3.45 an hour with a 15p mileage charge.

Why would I join a car club?

It can save you a lot of money! Independent regulators advise that members can save up to £3,500 per year – the cost of servicing, MOTs, parking permits, fuel and insurance can really add up. Plus, the more people that join the club – the less cars there are on the road (up to 24 private vehicles for every single car club car placed) meaning less congestion, reduced demand for parking and cleaner air for everyone.

Car club vehicles are always less than 3 years old and have regular safety checks and valets completed, giving you extra peace of mind. There is also a range of vehicles available so you can pick the right vehicle for your trip whether that be a small city car, a 7 seater or even a van.

Car clubs actively encourage the use of public transport wherever possible, with the car club vehicles filling the gap for those trips when only a car will really do i.e. carrying heavy loads or travelling to a rural area or in a group. Many of the cars are hybrid which further helps to reduce the carbon impact of your trip.

How does it work?

After signing up online you will receive a phone call to complete your application. You will then receive a membership pack which includes a smart membership card – think of this as the key to all the vehicles. You can then book a vehicle using the Enterprise Car Club app or simply wave your card over the windscreen and enter your PIN number to release the car keys. Then you drive away!

Once you have finished your booking (returning the vehicle to the same place you picked it up from), your mileage is calculated and added to your monthly invoice which you can pay by direct debit.

An annual membership fee is applicable. Charges are hourly and based on mileage, for more information click here.

Car clubs at work too

Many businesses around the UK are enjoying the benefits of car clubs – effectively replacing the admin and cost of running their own fleet or processing mileage claims with a basic hourly usage rate. Business plans information.