Tickets and discounts Southampton

You will find information about discounted travel, regular tickets, travelcards and offers for each of the bus operators on their own website.


Bluestar often offers discounts on bus travel to celebrate awareness days such as Clean Air Day and throughout the festive period. Visit their News webpage to find out more about their latest deals.

Other Operators

You may also find discounted travel deals and tickets on other bus service websites: Unilink, Xelabus, National Express and Megabus.

Discounted travel

Concessionary bus pass: Senior bus pass

If you were born before April 1951, you will become eligible for a concessionary bus pass at the age of 60. If you were born after April 1951 eligible age will vary. To check your concessionary travel eligibility age, see the calculator on the Government website. 

See information on how to apply for a senior bus pass on the Southampton City Council website.

Concessionary bus pass: Eligible disabled

More information on travel for disabled people can be found on the Southampton City Council website.

Solent Go

The Solent Go travelcard allows travel in the South Hampshire area on any of the following travel operators: Bluestar, Unilink, Salisbury Reds, Stagecoach, Wheelers and Xelabus.


A door-to-door transport service using fully accessible vehicles that can carry both wheelchair and seated passengers. Dial-a-Ride is available to anyone who lives in Southampton who cannot use mainstream public transport due to a disability. The service is provided by SCA Transport on behalf of Southampton City Council. Find out more about the service, including fare prices here