Bus travel is a convenient and sustainable way to get around the city. Bluestar’s evening fare offer has been extended with £1 travel after 6pm on Bluestar buses valid on all routes, in all zones!

Whether you start your journey in Southampton, Winchester, Romsey, Eastleigh, or Waterside, you can take advantage of this offer, and with the ‘tap on tap off’ contactless payment system there is no need for a paper ticket. 

Plan your next journey on the Bluestar website.

Routes and timetables

You can see the full list of Bluestar timetables and maps on their website or download the fare zone map for details of the Southampton, Southampton Plus or Network zones.

Ticket Options

Bluestar recommend their Clickit2ride app as the best way of buying tickets. You can also use their theKey smartcard or purchase a ticket from the driver.

Find out about the range of Bluestar ticket options on their website including Dayrider Tickets and their 7, 30 and 90 day Period Tickets

Solent Go

The Solent Go travelcard allows travel in the South Hampshire area on any of the following travel operators: Bluestar, Unilink, Salisbury Reds, First, Stagecoach, Wheelers and Xelabus.