Promoting active and sustainable travel within your organisation

There are many benefits to promoting active and sustainable travel within your organisation, including:

  • reduced costs
  • healthier, more productive staff
  • lower carbon emissions and local pollution
  • less congestion and fewer car parking issues

Assisted by our workplaces team, organisations in Hampshire are getting great results with their travel plans:

  • 55% of people now travel to The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) by foot or bicycle!
  • Car sharing at Quilter has saved employees 171,097 miles, £22,146 worth of fuel and 33.62 tonnes worth of CO

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  • Workplace Travel Network is a quarterly event that brings together organisations with an interest in promoting active and sustainable travel amongst their staff
  • Find out about the range of fun and informative activiites we can organise to launch and support your sustainable transport initiatives.
  • COVID-19 has significantly changed how businesses function, with many adapting by enabling flexible working. Read about the benefits and some tips for success.
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