Modeshift STARS training films

My Journey have launched four brand new training films so that schools can get going on Modeshift STARS without a face-to-face session.

Below you will find links to the resources which have all have subtitles and clear instructions on how to use the system.

  1. Getting Started with Modeshift STARS

  2. Building your STARS travel plan, part 1

  3. Building your STARS travel plan, part 2

  4. #StaySafeGetActive - Creating a 5-minute Walking Bubble

STARS Update Video planned for Spring Term 2021

The STARS system has recently undergone an overhaul including many new features, summarised below. A video will be available later this term explaining how to navigate these changes to the system:

  • Accreditation: Two new accreditation levels, ‘Green’ and ‘Platinum’. ‘Funding’ has been removed as a requirement for Gold Accreditation.
  • Working Group tab: Working Group now has its own tab having previously been located in the Introduction Section.
  • Aims & Objectives tab: This tab has been added to ensure that Travel Plans developed in STARS are more complete. Completion of this section is not currently a requirement for Accreditation.
  • Modal shift graphs: New modal shift tabs displaying graphs have been added for all schools – note that they may not appear for your school until more data is added or updates are processed for the school in the STARS system.
  • More built-in tooltips/help: You will find lots more helpful guidance notes throughout the system that explain various functions and requirements.
  • Evidence: You may find that not all ‘evidence’ for initiatives has transferred from the old system initially. It will in time work its way over to the new system.

You can also download our latest pocket guide to the initiatives below.


For more support, simply contact the Travel Planning Team.


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