Cycling case studies

Grant scheme success stories

The Society of St James is a leading Hampshire charity that provides support to adults experiencing homelessness, substance abuse and other complex needs. It works in partnership with the Saints Foundation - the official charity of Southampton Football Club - to deliver its Saints4Sport Project. The initiative aims to help vulnerable adults through a programme of sport-based activities and volunteering and employment opportunities.

The Saints4Sport project was awarded funding through the My Journey to Employment Grant, which supports not-for-profit organisations in and around Southampton to deliver grass-roots engagement to local job seekers, helping them access employment opportunities using active travel modes.

Below are the stories of people who have received free bikes from the Saints4Sport project as a result of the funding. Here they tell us how the scheme has benefited them and the opportunities that cycling has opened up.

Adrian's story

Adrian tells us how his free bike from the Saints4Sport Project has helped him get on the pathway to paid employment.

Piotr's story

Piotr was able to obtain a free bike through his involvement in the Society of St James and the Saints Foundation.

Sean's story

Sean received a bike through the Saints4Sport Project and is now completing an NVQ and accessing voluntary work and placements.

Sara's story

Thanks to the Saints4Sport Project, Sara is now back at work and says her new bike has been 'life changing'.

Kat's story

The Saints4Sport Project provided a bike to Kat, who is now undertaking an NVQ and volunteering opportunities as a result.

Mark's story

Mark has discovered the health and wellbeing benefits of cycling, thanks to his bike from the Saints4Sport Project.

Matt's story

Matt was asked to deliver cycle training as part of the Saints4Sport Project.  

Daniel's story

Daniel accessed a bike through the Saints4Sport programme, which he says has given him 'hope for the future'.  

Connor's story

Connor has had a new 'lease of life' after receiving a bike from the Society of St James.

Cycle Confidence programmes

My Journey provides free Cycle Confidence sessions through local enterprises Monty's Bike Hub and Bespoke Biking. One of the recipients of the scheme tells us how the sessions have helped learn them to ride a bike for the first time.

Michael's story

Michael has improved his skills through our free Cycle Confidence sessions.

Tom's story

With the help of our Cycle Confidence sessions, Tom has gone from being unable to ride to cycling independently.

Barbara's story

Barbara is disabled and has been able to learn again how to ride with our Cycle Confidence sessions.

Yomi's story

Yomi benefited from an Active Steps course and went from being unable to cycle to cycling five days a week as part of his commute.

Inspiring stories

Jen's story

Jen decided to start commuting by bike following a house move closer to her place of work and has been experiencing the benefits ever since.