SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway

The SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway is an important part of the wider Southampton Cycle Network (SCN). It provides a dedicated cycling route for people travelling between Southampton city centre, the Common and the University of Southampton. 

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Westwood Road to Highfield Road 

The council completed improvements between Westwood Road and Highfield Road in October 2021. These include new crossing facilities to provide a safer walking and cycling environment, support active travel and improve access to The Common.

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Lodge Road to Northlands Road

The third phase of the route was completed at the end of February 2020 and extended the existing improvements along Inner Avenue from Lodge Road to Northlands Road. Enhancements include:

  • New segregated cycle paths: A combination of newly surfaced, segregated on and off-road cycle lanes both north and south bound, as well as improved cycle and pedestrian crossings.
  • New crossing at Northlands Road: A new parallel crossing at Northlands Road, improving pedestrian access to The Common at the southern end.

  • Improvements at Banister and Lodge Road junctions: Improvements to traffic signals at the Banister and Lodge Road junctions. The signals have been upgraded with the latest technology, enabling them to give additional priority to buses and respond more efficiently to vehicle demand. This will contribute to more reliable journey times for people travelling by car and bus. Smart technology also means the new signals can be maintained with minimal impact, reducing extent of future disruption to road users. Lodge Road has also been resurfaced and now provides a new toucan crossing and shared cycle/footway.

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Inner Avenue

The initial stage of works along the SCN5 cycle route delivered the following improvements along Inner Avenue:

  • New ‘Copenhagen’ style cycle paths: One-way segregated cycle paths following the direction of traffic have been installed on either side of the road. New kerbs now separate cyclists from both traffic (including buses) and pedestrians using the footways. People cycling are able to get on and off the new lanes at various points like side roads or the existing signal pedestrian crossings.
  • Continuous side road crossings: People walking and cycling have priority over traffic coming in and out of the side roads. The junctions have been adjusted so that the road is at the same level as the foot/cycleway and laid out so traffic has to slow down when turning in and out, giving way to people using the crossings. The crossings have line marking and different coloured surfacing to highlight where the footpath and cycleway have priority.
  • Bus stop islands: Bus stops are now bypassed by the new segregated cycle lane. This means that buses do not have to overtake those cycling between bus stops, cyclists do not have to negotiate around stopped buses and passengers getting on and off the bus are separated from the cycle lane.

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Chilworth Roundabout

Essential maintenance work has now completed at Chilworth Roundabout. As well as resurfacing and drainage improvements, the scheme also includes the creation of part of a new cycleway/footway that connects to the new cycleway which has been developed by Hampshire County Council on Hut Hill.

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Hut Hill

Hampshire County Council has completed work on a 2km, 3 metre wide off-road shared use cycle/footway along Hut Hill, utilising the southern section of the C358 Bournemouth Road and C231 Winchester Road. The cycle/footway commences at the Bournemouth Roundabout before finally passing over the M27 motorway to connect with the top of The Avenue. The scheme provides a safe, coherent route for cyclists travelling between Chandler’s Ford and Chilworth. 

Visit the Hampshire County Council website for full details of the Hut Hill cycle scheme

What’s next for The Avenue?

  • Lovers Walk: The council's planning team is formally re-consulting and determining on plans for Lovers Walk. If approved, the council would then need to apply for Section 38 consent to work on Common Land. This work would include widening and improving the surface of existing paths that suffer from erosion to ensure they are suitable for people walking and cycling. The plans follow an extensive consultation about the proposals for Lovers Walk in early 2020. 

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