Designing the Solution in St Denys

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The Your St Denys Your Say survey at the end of 2019 was open to everyone who lives, works, socialises, commutes through or runs a business in St Denys and surrounding neighbourhoods, with the aim of gathering responses that would help inform future developments in the area, prioritising clean air, liveable streets and the health and wellbeing of the community. Although the survey, is now closed, the responses for each location can still be viewed here What would you like to see improved in St Denys?

Over 314 individuals contributed to the Your St Denys Your Say survey by posting their thoughts about each location in the neighbourhood they wished to comment on and by showing their agreement with their neighbours’ comments. Here is a flavour of the results:

  • 430 separate comments and 983 agreements were posted
  • The most commented on locations were St Denys Rd, Priory Rd and Kent Rd
  • Most concerns related to traffic, safety, walking and air quality
  • 72% of respondents felt ‘negative’ or ‘somewhat negative’ overall
  • 27% of respondents felt uncomfortable about walking in St Denys

Many of the comments weren't negative. St Denys as a neighbourhood has a strong sense of community and there were positive references to this and to some of the valued features of the area.

The results of the Your St Denys Your Say survey have now been analysed and will be presented in full during a series of Designing the Solution events taking place at the end of February and the beginning of March in St Denys Church Hall. Participants will not only hear the full analysis of the survey results but also work together to explore a range of practical solutions to some of the issues raised, with a view to identifying how the area might be improved for people walking, cycling and spending time in the neighbourhood.

If you live in St Denys or visit regularly you are encouraged to register for one of the Designing the Solution events and to encourage your friends and neighbours in the area to do so too. Whatever your age, interests or the length of time you have lived in or travelled through St Denys, and whether you responded to the 2019 survey or not, your views and contributions are important and will help to identify potential solutions to some of the issues raised.

Important note: Designing the Solution are not drop-in events and you do need to register for your preferred date. We also ask that you arrive promptly for the start so you can join in with the planned co-design activities. Working in small groups, you will suggest and evaluate a range of possible changes to address some of the issues raised in the St Denys survey. Each event will last up to 2 hours.

For details of how to register go to

The Designing the Solution event are taking place at St Denys Church Hall on:

Thursday 27 February at 6pm

Saturday 29 February at 10am

Monday 2 March at 2pm

Numbers are limited so please book early to ensure your preferred date is available.