Potters Court & Kiln Court

Local travel information for residents of Potters Court and Kiln Court.

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Facilities at Potters Court and Kiln Court

  • 10 bike racks – Just outside the entrance to Potters Court
  • Electric car charging points – These are fast chargers and you can either pay by bank card or EV charge card.
  • Bus stops right on the doorstep - Making bus travel easy, only a minute's walk to the Maybush corner bus stop 

What My Journey offers residents

  • Personal travel planning – with a My Journey officer and information on the My Journey website
  • Travel Newsletter – the latest travel advice and updates through your door, twice a year
  • Travel surveys – Tell us about your travel habits for a chance to win a prize!

Three times a year, your travel plan co-ordinator from My Journey will visit Potters Court and Kiln Court. This is your chance to chat about any travel questions you have, find out how to make your journeys more sustainable and what discounts are available.

More information on transport options

 Travelling by foot

  • Improves fitness and keeps you healthy
  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Saves money

Your new home is close to several green spaces, shops and local hubs with everything you need being less than a 30-minute walk away. You can find out more about walking opportunities in and around Southampton here.

Travelling by bike

  • Improves fitness and keeps you healthy
  • The quickest way to get around the city
  • Lowers your carbon footprint

Find links to more information on cycling in Southampton and find out when your next bike doctor event is in your local area.

Travelling by bus

  • Improves fitness and keeps you healthy
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Saves money

Your nearest Bluestar bus stop is a 1-minute walk from Potters Court and the City Red stop is a 6-minute walk away.

Here you will find information about traveling by bus and links to the local bus operators' timetables and routes.

Travelling by Taxi

Taxis are another important element of your public transport network. You can Hail & Ride one of Southampton's white taxis, which all have a taxi sign on the roof.

Otherwise, here is a list of other popular Southampton taxi companies:

Travelling by car

Car sharing

Share lifts with friends and fellow residents at Potters Court by getting involved with the group activities. Or you could try www.liftshare.com/uk which is a website that allows people in the area doing similar journeys to travel together.

  • Makes your car journeys more sociable
  • Saves money by reducing the cost of fuel and parking
  • Cuts congestion and pollution on the roads

Although driving a car is the least sustainable choice of travel, sometimes it’s a necessity, so here are some eco-driving tips that can really make a difference.

EV charging points

If you are travelling by electric car, you can make use of the 4 EV charging points in the Potters Court car park. Charging is free at all council owned EV points, which includes those at your new home!

Travelling by train

Southampton Central Station is 22 minutes away by bus. Here is more information about travelling by train.