Walktober is a challenge held each October to celebrate International Walk to School Month.  School communities are asked to walk, wheel and use other active and sustainable travel as much as possible throughout the month. 

This year we had 26 schools register for the Walktober challenge, so approximately 10,400 pupils taking part.


Well done to everyone who entered our Walktober 2023 Challenge!

We had a fantastic number of entries from our Southampton School pupils. Prizes including a scooter and helmet, adventure trail vouchers and My Journey Goodie bags have been awarded to pupils from the following list of schools:









About the challenge

For Walktober 2023 we encouraged all Southampton schools and settings to Get moving this Walktober! 

By travelling actively and sustainably throughout October school communities can help make a change for our wellbeing, our community and our planet. Walking, wheeling, cycling, scooting, using Park and Stride and public transport will reduce car use, benefit health and wellbeing, have a positive impact on the local community by reducing congestion and improve air quality.

Registration and resources are free of charge and there are some fantastic prizes to be won by pupils and schools or settings who enter the Walktober competitions. Both competitions include challenges suitable for everyone to take part in, including early years, primary schools, secondary schools, special schools and education centres, whether in rural or urban areas of the county.

The competitions

The Walktober competitions include challenges suitable for everyone to take part in, including early years, primary schools, secondary schools, special schools and education centres in Southampton.

Pupil competition

Pupils are asked to complete four, weekly, active travel challenges throughout October, plus a bonus task for the last two days of the month.  Schools and settings will provide their pupils with a Pupil Challenge Card and each week, pupils can choose whether to complete the challenge suggested on the card or use an idea of their own. The Challenge Cards can by printed off and filled in, or completed on a computer.


Instructions to help complete the Challenge Card on a computer.

At the end of Walktober, parents and carers can enter their child's completed card into a prize draw. Entries must be submitted by Friday 10th November 2023.

Note: Competition entries should be emailed to info@myjourneysouthampton.com . Please include in the subject ‘Walktober 2023'. Alternatively, your school may have a collection point available for printed copies.

School and setting competition

We are asking participating schools and settings to hold an event or initiative during Walktober which will encourage all, or part, of the school community to travel actively and/or sustainably. Schools and settings may choose and event or initiative from the list provided or use their own ideas. 

Schools and settings can submit information about their event or initiative to be entered into a prize draw. The competition entry should include a brief description of the event or initiative, a photo of the event or copy of any emails or promotion about the initiative and tell us what benefit the event or initiative brought to your school community.  

The pupil challenges

Week 1 - Swap a car journey: How often can you walk, wheel, scoot, cycle, Park and Stride or take public transport instead of using the car for the full journey?

For this challenge you could:
• Walk or wheel to the local shop(s) instead of driving.
• Park and Stride instead of parking near school. Park 5-10 minutes away and walk, wheel or scoot the rest of the journey, maybe you could park near a friend’s house and walk together.
• Take a bus or train on a day trip instead of the car.

Week 2 – Enjoy your active travel week: What have you enjoyed on your active journeys this week?

For this challenge you might have:
• Enjoyed a bike ride to the park.
• Sat with a friend on the bus to school.
• Been on an autumn walk or wheel with your class.

Week 3 – Travel a mile or more: Can you travel a mile or more using active travel this week?

For this challenge you could:
• Walk, wheel or run round the school playground at break and lunchtime.
• Use Google maps to plot and measure a route near your home to walk, wheel, scoot or cycle after school or at the weekend.
• Find out the distance of your bus journey.

Week 4 – Half term active fun!: Take a walk, wheel, scoot or cycle with family or friends.

For this challenge you could:
• Create a scavenger hunt for a local walk or wheel with family or friends.
• Take a picnic in a backpack and cycle with your family or friends to the park.
• Find out if there are any local pumpkin trails to do.

Bonus Days’ Challenge – Spread the word: Tell others how you got moving this Walktober and made a difference for our wellbeing, our community and our planet!

For this challenge, spread the word about what you have learnt about the benefits of active and sustainable travel and how you got moving this Walktober. You could write to a friend, tell someone at school, write an article for your school newsletter or make a poster to put up at home.