Independent Travel Training

Independent travel training can increase a young person’s confidence and self-esteem and can also enable them to access future opportunities that may otherwise have been limited by relying on a parent / carer to accompany them. Making fewer journeys by car and instead using more active options like walking or catching the bus can also benefit the young person’s health by providing a daily opportunity for exercise.

What does the training involve?

ITT follows an agreed timetable and identifies a set of travel skills targets which must be achieved to pass each of the three stages of the course. The trainer works with the young person to develop a journey plan for a specific journey (usually to and from school or college) and accompanies them on all their journeys until they feel comfortable enough to undertake the trip by themselves. They also receive advice about personal safety, public transport and what to do if they need help .

Who is eligible for Independent Travel Training?

Any young person who currently uses council funded transport may apply for Independent Travel Training or be referred by their parents / carers or other adults involved in their life such as teachers and social workers. We will arrange an initial assessment of the young person’s suitability for ITT and the person who made the referral will be kept up to date with their progress as appropriate.

Assessing progress

When the young person has completed the independent travel training course, the trainer writes an assessment of their progress for the parents / carers. The assessment details how well prepared the young person is to undertake the journey they have been trained to do and their ability to undertake other journeys independently. The Travel Trainer also maintains contact with the school/parent after the course to ensure the young person continues to make progress.

How do I apply for Independent Travel Training?

If you have any questions about the Independent Travel Training Scheme, or wish to apply on behalf of an eligible young person, please contact Southampton City Council Transport Co-Ordination Unit by email to or you can call 02380 834817.

Click below to download the Independent Travel Training leaflet.


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