Services for colleges

Support at your college events

If your college runs sustainability events we can support you with activities, promotional information or resources. Tell us about your event and we can look at the best options to help you. We may be able to attend events such as open days to give new students and parents information on their travel options to college. There are a range of resources and giveaway items available to support these promotional activities also.

Cycle maintenance workshops

The Bike Doctors can run a hands-on workshop to give students practical skills to help them repair and maintain their own bikes. Or they can train a team of students and staff who can assist with the repairs of other students’ bikes.

Travel planning support and STARS accreditation

Our team can support you through the process of developing or reviewing your travel plan to identify problems and offer solutions to your access issues. Or if you’re already doing a lot to promote sustainable travel, you could receive recognition through the national accreditation scheme, STARS. Our team will provide training and advice to get you on your way towards your first star.

Dr Bike servicing

Experienced Bike Doctors can visit the college and provide on-site bike repair and servicing for students and staff. Minor problems can often be fixed on the spot and any major problems are diagnosed and solutions offered.

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