Public transport options in Southampton

You may need to consider public transport for all or part of your journey to college. My Journey offers advice and information about the best ways to travel around Southampton by foot, bike, bus, train or ferry.


Buses are an easy way to get around town. Plus with free wi-fi on most buses you can catch up with friends on social media, read a book or watch an episode of your favourite TV show. With real time info you'll know when the next bus is due to avoid hanging around.

There are several bus companies that operate in Southampton, each covering specific parts. You can visit their websites for specific timetable and route information and check what offers they have that apply to you.

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Southampton offers an extensive network of local stations in and around the city making local travel easy. Plus it's a great way of connecting to major cities in the UK.

Several major rail providers deliver services in Southampton and you can visit their websites for timetable, route and ticketing information along with latest travel offers.

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Passenger ferries are a great way of getting around to the city centre and can even save you time. There are a number of passenger ferry services operating within Southampton. Visit their websites for timetable and ticketing information.

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Solent Go

Solent Go is the travelcard for the Solent area which can be used on buses and Southampton ferries. So you only need one travelcard for all of your local travel needs. There are city cards starting at £5 and Solent region cards starting at £8. The travelcard can also give you access to the City Car Club in Southampton.

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