Bike maintenance in Southampton

Bike Doctor

Does your bike need some TLC?

Our Bike Doctors run events across Southampton to help you keep your bike in tip top condition, offering free safety checks and fixing any minor issues. All opportunities will be advertised as they arise on our events pages.

Southampton Bike Kitchen

Bike Kitchens are a great way to learn how to fix your bike by yourself. For more details visit the Southampton Bike Kitchen Twitter

Monty's Bike Kitchen & Adult Bike Maintenance Training

Visit a fully equipped bike workshop every Wednesday night at Monty's Bike Kitchen & Adult Bike Maintenance Training. Book to work on your own bike and learn some new skills or come and help out recycling bikes with a like-minded bunch of friends in the community.

These sessions are subsidised by Cycling UK and so a donation of between £5-£15 when you book a slot.

Transition Southampton's Repair Cafes

The Transition Southampton Repair Cafe is a place where people can bring broken items, including bikes, to be fixed by our expert repairers at the same time as having a cuppa and some homemade cake and meeting like-minded others. Visit the website to find your local Repair Cafe. 

Bicycle Maintenance Made Easy

Like any machine, a bicycle will work better and last longer if you care for it properly. Get in the habit of checking your bike regularly – simple checks and maintenance can help you enjoy hassle-free riding and avoid repairs.

The “M check” is a simple way to make sure your bike is safe to ride.

What you’ll need:

  • A bike pump

  • A set of allen keys

Watch the following video provided by Sustrans for a detailed guide: