SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway

The project to create the SCN5 Northern Cycle Freeway is well underway. Work will be continuing to improve the route over the coming months to provide high-quality links for people cycling from Southampton city centre all the way to Chandlers Ford. Once complete in Autumn 2019, this busy approach to Southampton will be a more pleasant, safe and efficient experience for everyone.

Copenhagen style cycle paths - now open

New ‘Copenhagen’ style cycle paths are now open on Inner Avenue. These are one-way segregated cycle lanes following the direction of traffic on either side of the road. This new layout is a first for Southampton and is common to parts of Scandinavia where rates of cycling for work and leisure are much higher. New kerbs now separate cyclists from both traffic (including buses) and pedetsrians using the footways. People cycling are able to get on and off the new lanes at various points like side roads or the existing signal pedestrian crossings.

Continuous side road crossings

People walking and cycling on Inner Avenue have priority over traffic coming in and out of the side roads. The junctions have been adjusted so that the road is at the same level as the foot/cycleway and laid out so traffic has to slow down when turning in and out, giving way to people using the crossings. The crossings have line markings and different coloured surfacing to highlight where the footpath and cycle way has priority.

Bus stop islands

The bus stops on Inner Avenue have remained in the same place but are bypassed by the new segregated cycle lane. These new layouts make it safer for both people cycling and people getting on and off the buses. Buses do not have to overtake those cycling between bus stops and people cycling do not have to negotiate out around stopped buses. It also means people getting on and off the bus are separated from the cycle lane. This is called a bus stop island and is an essential part of the design for Inner Avenue. This layout has worked well in places such as Brighton and Manchester.

Visit Southampton City Council's transport website for further details of the scheme, including guidance on how to use the northbound and southbound cycle lanes as well as plans for the future.