How can I get an electric bike?

There are several options you can choose from if you are thinking of getting an electric bike. Using any of these options will help you find the right model and price for you.

You can purchase an electric bike from a conventional bike shop, second hand, or online. The price range for electric bikes is anything from £500 to over £5,000.  It is recommended that you test ride a couple of bikes first to find the ideal bike to suit your needs. Getting a used electric bike can be cheaper, but make sure you check its condition before you pay for it. Or if buying online check out reviews on the model first to see if it suits you.

Retrofit your bike

If you already own a bike, you may want convert it to an electric bike with a conversion kit. These can cost between £100 to £600. A kit should come with a motor, battery and control systems. If you can't fit it yourself, you can take it to a local bike mechanic to do it for you.