50% off a Cycle-Works Station

That's a cycle pump and toolkit) or a 5 hoop galvanised Rounded A Toast Rack - both including a free site survey!

When you purchase: 

  •  A Velo-Store (suitable for up to 4 bikes)
  • 5 Velo-Safe Lockers (to park 5 bikes)
  • A 4m Solent Shelter (suitable for up 10 bikes)

The Cycle-Works Velo-Store is a compact and secure multi-bike unit that can store any number of bikes specified. It can be lockable or for open access. 


The Velo-Safe individual locker is a convenient, safe and dry store for commuters to store their bikes. It's unique wedge shape offers many different layouts, so almost all sites can find space for them.

Solent Shelter:

This is our most popular shelter combining a sleek rounded design with affordable prices. It provides good weather protection from the rear and sides.
Offer Ends 31/12/18

About Cycle Works:

We are specialists in stylish, secure and innovative cycle parking and related infrastructure, designed to promote cycling.