Workplace Travel Grants

My Journey Hampshire is committed to improving air quality, reducing congestion on our roads and empowering people to make informed travel choices which can have a positive impact on their health and well-being.

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As part of our workplace offering, we provide the opportunity for businesses in Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester and Portsmouth to apply for funding to support the delivery of sustainable travel measures within their organisation.

In order to be eligible for a match-funded grant of up to £5000, your organisation must satisfy our criteria. For further information, including who can apply and what the grant can and cannot be used for, please refer to the 2022-2023 Guidance Document

The next Workplace Travel Grant round will be 3 October – 25 November

Application Process

You should submit the 1-page pre-application form before proceeding to the full application process. This will save time and allow us to determine in advance whether you are likely to satisfy the criteria for a successful grant application.

When submitting a Workplace Travel Grant Application, please complete all sections in FULL as leaving any areas blank will result in your application being rejected. 

Please email your completed forms to:

NOTE: Application submission does not guarantee a grant will be awarded.

Summary of grants awarded in the last two years:







(so far)

Total 2020 - 2023

Total organisations supported 14 12 13 12 3 29
Total staff benefiting 25,348 12,446 11,707 21,380 4,419 37,506
Total grants provided 15 17 14 13 3 30


Grant uses




Total 2020-2022

Cycle storage 6 5 2 13
Changing rooms / showers 3 1   4
Pool bikes 3 1 1 5
EV charging 2 2   4
Lockers 1 2   3
IEMA training 1 2   3
E-cargo bike   1   1
Bike Dr service   1   1

What have businesses used the grant funding for?

Ordnance Survey installed tracking technology to map cycle journeys and help plan improved cycle infrastructure.

Aviva Health purchased hybrid bikes for staff to use when travelling to meetings and for lunchtime activity, with helmets and locks to ensure rider safety.

Several Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue team members attended IEMA sustainability training to broaden their knowledge and learn from other organisations.

Condor Office Solutions purchased two electric bikes for staff to use to deliver supplies to local clients around the Eastleigh area.

The University of Southampton installed cycle parking across a number of sites and issued bike locks to staff and students via the Bike Doctor.

Westquay Shopping Centre (Hammerson Plc) made some of their undercover cycle parking safe and secure for themselves and neighbouring businesses to use.