What's on offer?

Let us provide practical advice and support on promoting sustainable travel modes to your organisation.

What’s in it for my business?

The My Journey Workplace Team provide practical advice and support on promoting sustainable and physically active transport modes among employees at your organisation. Workplaces can access a FREE package of support and advice, which can include

  • Support from an expert to work with you on developing a travel plan
  • A full appraisal, including staff travel surveys of current travel patterns
  • Promotional initiatives, participation activities and travel incentives for staff
  • Practical staff training
  • Continued support for travel plan measures
  • Receiving accreditation for your travel plan.4
  • Online toolkits

Grants for your workplace

Recieve up to £6,000 for sustainable travel initiatives such as bike parking, liftshare schemes, showers, electric vehicle charging points and pool bikes. Contact us for more information on how to apply for the grant.

Staff travel survey

Gain an understanding of how your staff are travelling to with our travel survey and then talk to us (link sends e-mail) about how we can help you improve their journey to work.

Events and stalls

We can organise tailored promotional and information events to launch sustainable transport initiatives; ideal for one-off and annual awareness days to engage your employees and colleagues, as well as for more regular events. Some events can focus on: health and wellbeing; cycle/walking safety and security; environmental/financial/social benefits to sustainable travel modes; car share clubs; trya-bike sessions; smoothie bikes; electric bikes; and bikers’ breakfasts.

Check-ups with the Bike Doctor

We can organise a qualified mechanic to visit your workplace, at a time and location to suit your schedules, to conduct a free maintenance service on employees’ bikes (parts not included). 

Personalised travel

Information and advice can be given to staff individually to help them choose the best travel options. A great way to support new staff find their best way to work.  We can provide maps, routes, timetables, car share options and much more.  

Bike maintenance classes

Learn the essentials of bike maintenance with our qualified instructor. Bring your bike along and we will provide the rest. Do you know some colleagues who would like to come along too? If you have the space, we can bring the class to your workplace. 


Sign up to a new countywide car-sharing scheme, with strong links to the national liftshare database. It is absolutely free and has been built and designed for every possible user. Whether you are a driver, passenger or if you would simply be interested in finding an alternative way of getting about, then this is the site for you. For more information email us.

Cycle training

We offer two-hour sessions, at a place to suit you (one-to-one or as a small group). Whatever your ability, discover the most convenient and appropriate routes for your regular journeys and boost your confidence. Book a session with us today. 

Led walks and cycle rides

We can organise free lunchtime or after work walks or cycle rides from your workplace, creating a great opportunity to socialise with your team while getting some fresh air and exercise. We can also assist in setting up a core group of cyclists and walkers to champion these activities.

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