What is a Travel Plan Network?

A Travel Plan Network (TPN) is a group of organisations working together to manage and reduce their car use, and increase the sustainable and active travel of their employees. They may be run by Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, companies, groups of companies or by others such as charities focusing on sustainable travel. My Journey Hampshire is running new meetings in the New Forerst, North Hampshire and East Hampshire in December 2015 and February/March 2016. Other networks are already established, or in the process of being established, for Southampton, Eastleigh & Chandler's Ford. Elsewhere in the UK there are a variety of networks, such as Travel for Cambridgeshire, the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network and the i-Travel York network.

The role of a TPN is to exchange information, ideas and good practice,  to encourage and support its members to promote good travel planning, and to generate a collective bargaining force, through working together, which will encourage the provision of improved active/sustainable travel services.

The aims of the networks are:

  • To offer a forum for sharing information, ideas and best practice in terms of travel planning initiatives
  • To increase awareness of sustainable travel options
  • To reduce vehicle trips to partner businesses and the associated carbon emissions
  • To identify potential cost savings for businesses
  • To identify more efficient ways of working
  • To identify and address existing barriers to sustainable commuting and business travel, helping to alleviate traffic congestion on the local road network

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