Travel Plan Networks in Hampshire

Travel Plan Networks are designed to help employers to promote use of public transport, walking, cycling, car sharing and other smarter travel behaviours among their employees, in the easiest and most cost-effective way.

The aims of the networks are:

  • To offer a forum for sharing information, ideas and best practice for travel planning initiatives
  • To increase awareness of sustainable travel options
  • To reduce vehicle trips to partner businesses and the associated carbon emissions
  • To identify potential cost savings for businesses
  • To identify more efficient ways of working
  • To identify and address existing barriers to sustainable commuting and business travel, helping to alleviate traffic congestion on the local road network

Southampton, Chandlers Ford and Eastleigh Travel Planners Forum:

The My Journey team helps to run this Travel Plan Network, with support from Chambers of Commerce, local planning authorities and public transport operators. The forum has been established to inform and assist those with travel planning responsibilities.  Members benefit from advice on how best to promote sustainable travel choices to staff and ease pressures associated with car travel.  The Forum also aims to help improve transport issues in the area, informing the development of new services and infrastructure.  It meets quarterly.  The next meeting will be in Southampton, on 2nd August 2017.  To find out more, to request an invitation to the online networking site, or to register to attend a meeting, please contact

Other Networks

Between 2015 and March 2017 we ran Travel Plan Networks in Rural Hampshire (New Forest and East Hampshire) and the 'EM3 area' of North Hampshire. These meetings involved businesses and travel providers meeting together and sharing knowlege about sustainable transport and helping each otehr overcome barriers and problems with sustainable travel. These meetings are no longer meeting but if you want to be connected to other businesses in your area which are also looking for sustainble transport support or would like some advice about how to improve sustainble transport within your business please do get in touch with

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