Protect yourself and others on public transport

Now that more of us are returning to travelling by bus, train or ferry, here is some useful guidance for how to do so safely.

How to protect yourself and others when you travel by bus

Southampton's bus operators have increased the number of buses on certain routes as demand grows. They have also increased the number of seats available on the buses. Wearing a face covering is still mandatory, unless you are exempt, and you are recommended to pay by a contactless method if you can and wash or sanitize your hands regularly.

Here is more detail about each of the ways in which you can project yourself and others:

Avoid peak times

During peak times, such as 7.30 to 9am, some buses may not be able to stop because they have reached their capacity. Please plan your journey in advance, avoid busy periods and allow extra time in case you are not able to get on the first bus.

See the latest updates to services as well as social distancing and safety measures that are being put in place on the operators' websites:

Wear a face covering to help protect others

You must now wear a face covering on public transport. This is to protect others and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The only exceptions to this are young children, people who have breathing difficulties and people whose disabilities make it difficult for them to wear a face covering.

Information about face coverings, can be found on the government’s COVID-19 safe travel guidance web pages.

Use contactless payment

In order to protect passengers and staff, bus operators are asking that you only use a contactless method of payment such as a credit or debit card, or their prepayment apps. If you must use, cash please have the correct amount ready for your journey.

Keep your distance on the bus and use only forward-facing seats

Please follow the on-board guidance when choosing your seat. If the bus has an upper deck, there may be additional seating there. When the bus has reached its capacity it will show a Bus Full sign and will only stop to allow passengers off. More passengers will be able to board as others leave the bus. The current guidance is to use only forward-facing seats.

Allow passengers off before you board

Please observe social distancing guidelines at all times, including at the bus stop. You should wait until all the passengers getting off the bus have done so before you board.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly

Remember to wash your hands regularly, especially at the beginning and end of your journey. If you have your own hand sanitizer you should use it during your journey.

All buses will be cleaned rigorously with particular focus on high touch points such as entrance door handles, grab rails and window sills.

How to protect yourself and others when you travel by train

South Western Railway have created a short video to to show you how to travel safely on their trains. 

You can find this and their latest travel news on the South Western Railway website.