Millbrook Roundabout works

Throughout the Millbrook Roundabout works, there are a number of alternatives to driving which can help you to travel with minimum inconvenience during this time. So why not take this opportunity to try out a different way of travelling and discover a whole new range of benefits to save you time, money and even improve your health and fitness?

Find out more by clicking on any of the below travel options. You can find out more about the works here or click here for information on alternative routes and diversions.


Cycling is not only good for you, but it saves money and is often one of the quickest ways to get around! And now we've teamed up with Love to Ride, you can even win prizes while you keep fit and beat the traffic! For your chance to win rewards throughout the year, sign up at

If you're travelling into Southampton from New Forest or Totton, you now have the new and improved Western Cycle Route to take advantage of. What's more, much of the route is segregated so for a good portion of the journey you don't even need to cycle on the road.

If your bike is in need of a check up before you get started, our free Bike Doctor maintenance service can help you get your bike roadworthy again.

And for those of you who haven't cycled in a while or are completely new to cycling, there are a number of instructors in the area who can offer one-to-one skills training. You can also take part in a number of guided rides hosted by trained leaders to offer support.

If you don't have a bike? Why not consider YoBike, the dockless bike-sharing system which allows you to ride for just £1 an hour. Or take the leap and buy your own. You can find advice on how to choose your ideal bike over on our Get Cycle Savvy page. Electric bikes are another great option and can get you from A to B without even breaking a sweat! There's more information about this as well as how to retrofit your own bike here.