From Southampton to Sri Lanka

This October, the My Journey team challenged the city to #StepUpSouthampton by swapping one short car journey to reach a 10,000,000 step target together.

The 5 day event launched on Tuesday 10 October (World Mental Health Day) with active support from the UK’s walking charity, Living Streets, and Councillor Christopher Hammond, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Living. We invited people who live and work in the city to visit the #StepUpSouthampton stand and add their step count to the 10,000,000 target.

So how did we get on?!

By the end of the #StepUpSouthampton event (Saturday 14 October):

Not only did we smash our 10,000,000 step target, but we managed to walk an equivalent of over 5,500 miles – enough to get us to Sri Lanka! And by swapping all of these short car journeys for walking, we helped to drastically improve congestion on our roads, air quality in our city and our wellbeing and happiness throughout October.

Councillor Hammond said: ‘I walked 2½ miles into work today because of this campaign! Walking helps to reduce stress and makes us feel fitter, which all play a role in working towards better mental health – and making the switch can encourage healthier travel habits that make Southampton a more sustainable city.’

We’d like to say a huge well done and thank you to everyone who got involved with #StepUpSouthampton – let’s keep it up!


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