Southampton Cycle Forum - May 2018 Minutes

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Southampton Cycle Forum Minutes

Date: 8th May                                                                    

Time: 6.30pm

Location: Mettricks Guildhall


Attending: Cllr Eamonn Keogh SCC; Stephen Edwards, Cycle Campaign; Lindsi Bluemel, Cycle Campaign; Lyn Brayshaw, Cycle Campaign; Jim Probert, CTC; Hugh Davis Cycle Campaign; Liz Batten, Clean Air Southampton; Su White, Cycle Campaign; Dale Hardstaff, SCC; Geoff Hobbs, SCC; Ruth Magennis, Cycling UK; Jon Bingham, Cycle Campaign; Cllr John Savage, SCC; Ruth Miller, British Cycling.

Apologies: Tina and Pete Davis, Cycle Campaign; Carolyn Ireland, SCC. 


Review of last mins

  • Considerate contractors scheme on Cobden Bridge – looking for an update on whether the signage will be changed. Action: Check with Greg. Update: signage has been changed next to the works to read ‘narrow lanes – please do not overtake cyclists’.

  • Acknowledgement of the Memorial Ride, a ride organised by the Cycling Campaign to commemorate cyclists who have died on Southampton roads – forum expresses thanks to Lindsi for organising and leading the ride. A family of a cyclist who was killed recently at Portsmouth Road Roundabout came out to meet the ride.


 Local Transport Plan 4 – presentation by Geoff Hobbs:

  • Why do we need at LTP? Legal obligation to do it, and the context has changed somewhat within 7 years. Also helps to have a good policy document that helps with bidding for sustainable travel funding.

  • The plan lays out 3 strategic goals and 7 objectives.

  • Need offices in accessible locations that are well served by good travel routes. Young professionals that work at these locations want city locations for flats and accommodation more centrally.

  • Question - high proportion of households that don't have a car, so need to be aware of this.

  • Question - How many people commute in and out of the city? (Ask Geoff)

  • Question - how can you control buses? Can manage the road layout to improve bus provision e.g. part time bus lanes or interactive bus light communication.

  • Layout of Bitterne Road - what about the changes to be made to it - cutting out bus lanes, potentially.

  • There's an issue with funding - need to acknowledge the improvement to the road is needed, but SCC doesn't have the funding. However, ownership of the road is reverting to the council in 3 years - *clarification* Bitterne Road is an already adopted highway. There was however a protection order issued after previous resurfacing to avoid road being dug up so soon after the works.

  • Members of the forum stated there was a need to set out our values, so good aspirations - however there was a concern that these are just kind words, and there needed to be political will to resist development that brings more cars into the city. 'Equitable' is the most important sentiment on this. Need to find a way to balance the needs and wants of Southampton citizens and visitors to the city, whether they are brought via cruises or into the city through cars.

  • Online shopping is driving higher delivery rates, which leads to more trucks on the road - we could do with investing in the way that businesses do delivery to incentivise smarter delivery.

  • Don't be afraid to be bolder and more courageous. Need to change the mindset of developers so that they prioritise bike parking - maybe we need to have more bike parking with all planning applications.

  • Question - are travel issues tackled through the school curriculum? - answer is yes, through the My Journey travel programmes Modestar and Bike It, which aim to bring awareness of these issues to pupils and staff.

  • Question – what about buses that transport children to school? At the moment there are old polluting buses in use. Answer: There is a meeting next week about retrofitting old buses, which includes college buses: will be the equivalent of latest issue diesel vehicles. All buses in the admin area for the CAZ would need to adhere to the rules.

  • Action for Geoff, to let King Edwards know about this change.

  • HGVs - as part of the CAZ can look into excluding HGVs from places that they shouldn't be through city centre with use of camera tracking.

  • Looking at 'filtered permeability' aka Quiet Routes for Active Travel Zones

  • Avenue Road needs to get a complete resurfacing - as well as putting in the quiet routes, there needs to be better resurfacing - rather than doing in half funded.

  • Employers Engagement through My Journey - make public the companies that work with the council. Maybe awards as well?

  • The Workplaces Conference is due to take place on the 12th September.

 Consultation from July to end of September. Drop in sessions are planned as well – check SCC communications for dates.



Let's Ride Southampton – update on June event by Ruth Miller:

  • The annual mass ride event has rebranded to Let's Ride Southampton from previous names Sky Ride and HSBC City Ride.

  • HSBC are on board with more involvement from the city council - the promotion will reflect Southampton, with images of Southampton in the branding.

  • Asking for community groups to get involved to add more culture to it.

  • The route - normally there are not 3 lanes of the Avenue shut off for cyclists - but have asked Balfour's this year if we can.

 Working out what will be in each area.


 Infrastructure Improvements – update by Dale Hardstaff.

  • It was asked what would be a good time to hold the Cycle Design Hub, to discuss specific infrastructure improvements - day or evening?

  • No preference in time, just more notice given. Cycle Campaign would elect the most relevant people to go. Timing is not necessarily crucial.

  • Cycle placement for new cycle parking: deadline end of May for input about new parking placements.

  • Updates below on the top 20 issues that the Cycle Campaign had submitted:

  • SCN 1 (Millbrook Road East) will be completed in April 2019

  • SCN 10 - Sholing Quietways - looking to develop at quiet way along Botley Road. This will be the first part of the project that will be considered, and again looking to complete this by April 2019.

  • Raft of different measures proposed to make the quiet routes more cycle friendly - draft master plan being developed that will be a sort of 'toolkit'. Funding will come from Clean Air funding.

  • SCN 11 - improvements to the station. No indication in the scale or scope of these plans yet.

  • No key route exists from Hedge End - Lindsi has raised this several times, and this was noted again by Geoff and Dale.

  • Lover's Walk - still in the planning process - going to be delivered 2020 now. Glen Eyre Junction - Dale to get an update from Greg on this.

  • *Update* if regarding the link to Lover’s Walk, SCC are currently discussing proposals with our trees and ecology team before going back out to planning permission. The cycle forum will be informed when this goes back out.

  • Bassett Avenue - is in design, going to the Cycle Design Hub for consideration. Probably segregated cycle route from the Avenue upwards will be suggested, but will give an update in the design hub meeting. The Avenue/Burgess Road will have clean air early measures improvements, which will also go out to the Cycle Design Hub.

  • Feasibility study for Bevois Valley and Portswood planned at the moment - ride through planned with Greg Churcher. The point was raised that the invite didn't work if you don't have Outlook, so action for Greg to be aware of this.

  • Bitterne Triangle - need to go back to the drawing board based on the initial public meeting.

  • TriFest event is planned for the 16th June. Love the Triangle (a residents’ group) has obtained permission to close off the through road to see if there are any objections and how a permanent closure would work. WINAC - Winchester Action on Climate Change will be doing feedback on what people think of the road closure at the TriFest.

  • Shared use path - Bitterne Road West, will the Meridian site be completed? *clarification* Meridian site is a residential development being built on what was the Meridian TV studios site. Part of SCN 8 (Quayside Road to Bitterne Village) improvements. Due to be completed 2018/19.

  • *Update* Only two thirds complete so far, so any completion date that currently exists could be subject to change. Update from Balfours has been requested and will be given at next cycle forum date (4th Sept).

  • Will people see these beforehand? There will be consultation going out with the Cycle Design Hub.

  • Thomas Lewis Way improvements – SCC are adding puffin crossings on Thomas Lewis Way at its junction with Stoneham Way, as part of the larger scheme for Stoneham Way. A more comprehensive update will be given at the next cycle forum meeting (4th Sept).

  • Shirley High street - 2020/2021 delivery window.

  • Thornhill Park Road - 2020/2021 delivery window.

  • 2018 - next month, Portland Terrace to Western Esplanade will be going to design and for implementation shortly.

  • Do we put anything on the council website about cycle improvements that are being put in - can put this in for consideration.

  • Resurfacing roads to be considered. Money being put forward for this is £8 mil. Dale Road and Oakley Road to be resurfaced this year.

  • Roads for next year – not yet confirmed, still compiling the list of recommended sites.

  • It was asked if we could we have an indicative route map of where these SCN routes will get put in, as it doesn't match up with open cycle map, which is accessed online.



  • Bike Week 2018 - list of rides organised by the Cycling Campaign posted in the minutes and distributed through emails.

  • Action: Follow up on the councillor rides with Eamonn and John. Update: email went out to councillors and some councillors for Shirley Ward took up the offer. Members of the Cycling Campaign took the councillors on a cycling tour of some parts of Shirley where cycling infrastructure or the roads are problem spots. The councillors enjoyed the ride and gave feedback to say that it was informative and helpful.

  • Liz Batten asked whether it would be possible to create advice in the form of a ‘considerate contractors’ scheme for any companies doing roadworks that might impact cycling infrastructure. Could appropriate signage e.g. take care when overtaking cyclists etc. be considered? Also issuing advice not to block cycleways with tools or diversion signs?

 Date of next meeting - 4th September 2018