Minutes from Southampton Cycle Forum - October 2017

Southampton Cycle Forum


Cllr Eamonn Keogh, Chair; Vicky Doyle, Comms Hampshire County Council;  Ruth Magennis, Cycling UK, Cycling Development Officer; Colin MacQueen, Clean Air Southampton; Jasmin Downs, Senior Communications Officer for Sustainable Travel, Southampton City Council; Maz Garside, Communications Officer, Southampton City Council; Iain Steane, Strategic Transport Planner, Southampton City Council; Neil Tuck, Sustainable City Team Leader, Southampton City Council; Mark Traves, Ride Coordinator for Southampton, British Cycling; Ruth Miller, Development Manager, British Cycling; Jenny Babey, Bike It Officer, Sustrans and Breeze Ride Leader; Jon Bingham, Chair, Southampton Cycling Campaign; Tim Baker, Owner, RideRide Bike Workshop; Eric Reed – Sustrans Ranger; Lindsi Bluemel – Secretary, Southampton Cycling Campaign; Hannah Chivers, Cycling Development Manager, Cycling UK; Megan Streb, Partnerships manager, Sustrans; Greg Churcher, Design and Infrastructure Improvements, Southampton City Council; Tina Davis – Southampton Cycling Campaign; Pete Davis – Southampton Cycling Campaign.

7.00-7.10pm - Start and introductions.

Note: thanks to Dale Bostock for his previous work organising the forum and best wishes for his retirement.

Action – minutes to be placed on website.

Omission of link to Dutch cycling tour video – mention in minutes and link to YouTube video.

Update: YouTube links to the videos made by Paul Maple on the June trip to the Netherlands: https://youtu.be/AJYN8jAcBdo and https://youtu.be/R8qrOwtMnTg.

The trip was the idea of Clean Air Southampton.  With support from Cllr Dave Shields we were able to gather a representative group representing SCC, Sustrans, British Cycling, Southampton Cycling Campaign and Clean Air Southampton.  CAS set up the Delft meeting with Mobicon and Iain Steane organised the meetings in Utrecht and Rotterdam with council cycle officers, planners and architects.

Requested update on Morris Road.

Request update from inquest on New Road and East Park Terrace – Greg Churcher attended site visit with policy (John Cleverly) and will request to see if enforcement has been done to keep 7 tonne limit.

Jon Bingham has suggested closing New Road.

7.10-7.30pm - Revamp of forum. Suggesting meeting times/frequency, themes for discussion at future events, proposals for site visits to key bits of infrastructure or cycling and community hubs.

Cllr Keogh reminded the group of the objectives of the cycle forum.

Action – Ruth to share and publish the objectives of the forum.



Tim Davis – end time is difficult because time isn’t sufficient. 

Suggestion from Lindsi to alternate timing – had worked previously to cater for those in work or with family commitments.

Portsmouth run their forum from 6:45-8:45.

Saturday cycle rides to look at infrastructure on the ground.


Quarterly meetings for representatives.

Alternate with more open meetings.


Eric – originally it was decided it should be representative of cycling groups rather than general public.  Suggested it would be good to have wider representation.

Leicester had regular monthly ‘drop-in’ open to the public.

Widen out membership – themes in order to try to attract people on a particular subject.


Time to discuss upcoming projects – we are looking at X proposal in the next 1-2 years, trying to get input from the wider

Request from Tina Davis to put more time to safety concerns and design issues.

Cycle Design Hub – this is a collaborative group looking at infrastructure comprising of Southampton City Council, Balfour Beatty, and organisations with cycling interest (Sustrans, Southampton Cycling Campaign, key employers) and neighbouring authorities – working from early stages of considering proposals up until design through drawing and presentations, or small-scale sharing via email etc.

Lindsi would like to see more ways for members of the public to list concerns about various issues e.g. posters in bike shops – making sure that’s tidied up so that Gateway enquiries go to the right person.

Southampton Cycling Campaign – offering to share out information that the council has said can be broadcast – ask for monthly update from council so that they share it in advance of the meetings.

Local businesses – Tim Baker feels that as a local business, he wants to share information to customers that there is reassurance that SCC is progressing issues – as a business, looking to get updated about what is happening in the city .

Cllr Keogh – wants to see it as an open meeting—not a problem in terms of attendance.

By publishing agenda in advance, people choose when they attend and what is of interest to them.

Jon Bingham requested a monthly digest to share updates from the council in terms of infrastructure improvements.

Action: visit to Portsmouth to Open Meeting – Iain Steane is presenting at the next meeting.

7.30-8.00pm - Communications - improving the My Journey offering on website and social media for new and current cyclists (Jasmin and Vicky from My Journey comms) General discussion on better ways to promote cycling.

1) What kind of information do people need to cycle more often?

2) What communication channels is most useful to connect with those people?

3) What information would be really useful to have on the website to get people to cycle more often?

Action: Vicky/Jasmin/Maz - Feedback from small group sessions to be shared with the group and published on the website

Action: ALL – Share useful parts on other websites that they’ve seen elsewhere.

8-8.30pm - Infrastructure updates (Greg Churcher, Trasport at SCC) plus discussion of M27 improvements and consultation dates. 

Saltmarsh Junction – drawing shared with the forum.

· ASL on all lines with lead-in lanes on left on all arms.

· Cycle lanes through junction (removing existing two stage right turn layout).

· Provide off-road left turn from Central Bridge to Albert Road North.

· Sign off-road left turn from Itchen Bridge to Saltmarsh Road and off-road route to Andersons Road (including resurfacing and bollards to prevent parking on footway).

· Cycle activated signs on Itchen Bridge and Central Bridge approaches.

Balfour’s to confirm approach and a time that can be given to early release for cyclists and decision to be made based on this. To be confirmed pre-Christmas and delivery planned for early 2018.

Action: Southampton Cycling Campaign – film Saltmarsh off-road options to share more widely. 

First Avenue (South of Millbrook roundabout)

Two-way segregated route – from Third Avenue to ABP depot. 

In discussion with ABP about offering funding – if they don’t contribute, it will go to City Depot.

In part, this is being considered in order to encourage dock works to cycle to work.  ABP is also looking at their own on site cycle network and facilities.

Jon Bingham asked about Millbrook roundabout designs:  Timing for implementation – temporary layout until works are completed at roundabout, and then would become permanent. 

Second Avenue and Third Avenue –two-way segregated route

Looking at two options—North-side and South-side for segregated pathways.  North-side - concerns about turning circles for articulated lorries that need business access, so would need widening.  South-side concern is for cyclists passing vehicle access points. 

Will be presented to the design hub to look at design options.

Millbrook Road West – considered two-way segregated use, but not enough space—Freightline own the land.  Currently will be shared use path.  

Resurfacing of shared use space between Regents Park Road junction and Mountbatten Road flyover.  

Concerns about bus stop near Millbrook station – need good signage for pedestrians

Concerns about getting onto/off Paynes Road/ Waterloo Road / Millbrook Road East – needs visibility and widths need to be considered as part of separate phase of works

Timing – resurfacing in December. 

The Avenue – Lovers’ Walk

Ecology report being produced and submitting planning permission in December. 

Provided planning permission is given then we will need to get Section 38 Commons Act agreement.  

Jon Bingham - Concerns raised by some local residents about works to widen the route and increase number of cyclists. This would be appeased by Council also progressing cycle improvements on The Avenue / Bassett Avenue.

The Avenue – outside Dominos

Works delivered and revisited to address drainage issues. GC to monitor drainage concerns are fully resolved. 

Feedback: Drainage was poor, more work has been done as cars still park here and car movements still dangerous to cyclists.

Action: Greg to have another look on a rainy day

Bollards seem to be helping to stop parking—it is better, but still bad. 

Ask for dropped kerb to be put back in.

Green colouring – giving the wrong impression about side-access priority.

Jon Bingham – concerns that volume is too high for a shared use path.

The Avenue – Inner Avenue 

Improvements to be made on Western side of Inner Avenue existing off-road route and on eastern side of Inner Avenue on-road route – consultation will be with Design Hub. 

Action: Greg to organise Cycle Design Hub meeting 

Bitterne Triangle – awaiting final design for journey time improvements on St Denys corridor and will consult on all works together.  Timings: Consulting with residents, cyclists, businesses after Christmas

Morris Road – allowing cyclists to make right turn. Will go back to Cycle Design Hub before Christmas.

Southern Road – Improvements to existing off-road cycle route. Final design will go back to Design Hub for comment. 

Dean Road – quiet route link to Bitterne shopping precinct– drawing available. Delivery starts this week.

Question raised – Any new ‘no right turns’ should consider access for cyclists.

Action: Greg to feedback to Transport team about new ‘no right turns’.

Harbour Parade – segregated cycle route – drop kerb was removed – only access is now through Pelican Crossing by Co-op – paint hasn’t been refreshed. 

Jon Bingham – asked about sending requests for vegetation clearance, painting, etc.

Action: Ruth to lead discussion within Southampton City Council to then feedback a channel for raising priorities with the forum.

Watermark West Quay – still no access – considering signing in the Old Town and along ASDA – in the programme.  

8.30pm – AOB and end

Action: ALL - Updates of organisations to be sent after the meeting to Ruth for distribution.

Action: Maz – To share further information on the Clean Air Network.

M27 Southampton Junctions scheme - A3042 routes are planned to be shared use pavements.  Ask from Lindsi Bluemel to reject the scheme as it stands. Deadline 31/10/17

Action: Ruth - End of January date – minutes, agenda, feedback from Comms sessions, drawings from Greg, and ask for themed ideas - to be shared before Christmas

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