Deck your bike with boughs of holly…

Looking for something different around Christmas this year?

Then join us at the Southampton Christmas Glow Ride on the 17th December – a chance for your family and friends to decorate your bike and ride en masse across some of the beautiful parks and quiet roads that Southampton has to offer!

Riders from Sustrans, Cycling UK, Breeze and Southampton Cargo bikes will join forces for the Christmas themed Glow Ride, which will start at 3pm on Southampton Common and we’ll travel to the Bargate in Southampton City Centre.

To find out more and to register your details please click here.

What’s a Glow Ride?

We’re glad you asked – it’s a free bike ride where cyclists (of all abilities) are invited to decorate their bicycles with lights, glow-in-the-dark accessories and other decorations to transform an ordinary bike ride into an amazing visual spectacle!

As well as being great fun, Glow Rides help riders to be spotted more easily by car drivers - especially during the dark winter nights.

How do I brighten up my bike?

Your only limit is your imagination – but here’s some suggestions to get you started:

  • Wrap tinsel around the frame of your bike, or even weave it in between the spokes of your wheels.

  • Use bright pipe cleaners to decorate your spokes or handlebars.

  • Cut up through the middle of florescent straws to attach to your spokes.

  • Use Christmas decorations or glow sticks and hang them from your bike - or even attach them to your helmet!

  • Wrap battery powered fairy lights round the frame of your bike for a super festive look!

  • You can even buy lights that are specially made for your bike wheels – from simple flashing lights to ones that flash full images as you ride!

Things to remember:

  • Be careful not to wrap your tinsel or other decorations around the brakes of your bike or the outside of the wheels.

  • Make sure your bike bling is secure and won’t come loose – otherwise it might get stuck in your wheels and cause an accident.

  • Don't get glue on your brakes or cut through any cables!

  • Make sure that your bike remains safe to ride and that you can steer, brake and see all around you as normal.

Above all – have fun, and happy cycling!

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