On Your Bike Cycle Training

On Your Bike is delivering Van Smart and Safe Urban Driving (SUD) courses to lorry drivers from our centre of excellence based in Southampton. If your organisation is a fleet operator and the course is part of your Driver CPC then please contact us for a quote. Our aim is to bridge the gap between professional drivers and vulnerable road users. 

On Your Bike can now offer local organisations a 20% discount for a team building day (3.5 hour practical element). Trainees will get to ride ex post-office bikes on local roads and stop at a cafe near a park for refreshments. It is currently limited to groups of six or twelve staff members. This discount also applies to families wanting to learn urban cycle skills. 

After the initial bicycle control skills training, drivers ride on bikes to areas of potential conflict including junctions, traffic lights and advanced stop lines. 

Subjects covered include:

  • Introducing active travel, driver fitness and health.
  • Giving drivers a cyclist's perspective of riding on busy roads and an understanding of the issues faced by vulnerable road users. 
  • Recognising best driving practice around cyclists.

Practical on road experience in areas of potential driver/cyclist conflict including junctions, traffic lights and advanced stop lines. 

Find out more here - http://www.onyourbikecycletraining.co.uk/safe-urban-driving-sud-van-smart/

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