Winter Wheelers

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Winter Wheelers is a great way to conquer the cold and get more people enjoying wonderful winter bike rides. With a focus on building cold weather riding skills and, of course, winning prizes, Winter Wheelers aims to make riding a year-round activity.

The 25-day-long competition is not about who can ride the most miles, it’s simply about taking part and encouraging others to do the same. Winter Wheelers concludes with one rider winning a new bike worth £1,000 and our encouragers winning up to £750.

Register in minutes at and start logging your rides. You get the most points for encouraging others so get your friends, family and colleagues involved too. If you would like to take part but want to boost your cycling confidence, take a look below for information on resources and services that can help. And don't forget to set yourself goals on your Love to Ride profile to help you track and celebrate your progress. Good luck and happy cycling!

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