Monty's Bike Hub - Community Cycle Clubs in Southampton

Monty's Bike Hub is a new social enterprise based at Monty's Community Hub, helping to teach local residents how to fix and maintain their bicycles while learning how to ride safely.

When and where?

Monty's Community Hub at 59 Montague Avenue, Sholing, Southampton, SO19 0QB.

Monty’s Bike Hub currently offers bike repair session during their youth drop in sessions: 
 Wednesday / 6-8pm / BIKE KITCHEN
         * come to mend or maintain your own bike, supervised by experienced bike mechanics 
         * if you don't know how to mend your bike, we can help you learn to do it yourself 
         * we have all the tools you need for basic bike maintenance 
         * we'll lend you a complete tool set and stand when you bring you bike along 
         * workshop use is free, but there's a small charge for parts (tubes, cables, pads, etc.)        

 Thursday / 5-7pm / YOUTH BIKE WORKSHOP [FREE] (under-18s only)
         * the bike workshop will be open during the youth drop-in 
         * if you're in Yr9+ bring your bike to fix with supervision by our bike mechanic 
         * workshop use is free, but there's a small charge for parts (tubes, cables, pads, etc.)

Thursday / 5.30-7.30pm / FAMILY CYCLE SKILLS  - During the Big Bike Revival! (May-June 2017)
         * activities to help build cycling confidence - eg ‘Bikagility’ and ‘Ditch the Stabilisers’ 
         * if you are interested in building your confidence, do get in touch and see image below.

For more information go to their web page or get in touch via their Facebook page. Events will be posted on the My Journey events page as well.



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