Beryl Bikes by Breeze Full Q&A

Beryl Bikes by Breeze

Find out all you need to know about our new bike share scheme in Southampton with our handy Q&A.



How can I access the bikes? 

The Breeze app will allow you to plan, book and pay for your journey using Beryl Bikes by Breeze  

You can also use the Beryl app.

Both apps are available for free download on Google Play and the App Store 

Why does the Solent need a Bike Share service? 

A bike share scheme allows you to hire a pedal bike or an e-bike without the need to own and store a bike yourself.  

This means you have another greener way to travel across the city, so you're helping to tackle the climate emergency, while improving your health and reducing the number of cars on the road.  

How do I ride safely and respectfully? 


  • Only ride on roads, cycle paths and shared-use paths 
  • Never ride on pavements that are only for walking 
  • Always wear a helmet if you can for your safety 
  • Follow the highway code 
  • Never drink and ride 
  • Never ride with more than one person on the bike or e-bike 
  • Wear reflective clothing if cycling at night, or in conditions where other road users may struggle to see you 

Where can I ride the bikes? 

Beryl bikes by Breeze are intended to operate and remain within a large, designated bike zone agreed with Southampton City Council. The limits of the zone are clearly marked in the apps and a map is also available on Beryl’s website. 

In Southampton we are starting with a smaller area to trial the bikes, but this area will be expanded to cover a larger area of the city in 2023. 

 If you hire a bike within the zone, you can cross the zone boundaries with no penalties if you finish your ride and lock the bike back to the zone it came from. 

If you ride outside the zone and lock a bike there, a £25 "Out of Zone" charge will be added at the end of your ride. You'll still be able to unlock the bike and ride back into the zone but be aware you'll be charged the "Out of Zone" fee every time you lock the bike outside the zone. This charge applies even if you just lock the bike for a very short time, e.g. to nip into a shop. 

If you leave the bike outside the zone without locking for more than 24 hours, you’ll be charged an additional £80 penalty fee to cover the cost of recovering the bike and returning it to the zone of operation. 

Beryl will never automatically lock the bike remotely when you cross the zone boundaries as this would be dangerous for riders. 

When can I ride the bikes? 

Beryl Bikes by Breeze are available to hire 24/7.  

Please be aware that customer support is available Mon-Sun 7am-9pm. (see “How do I provide feedback?” below) Outside of these hours unstaffed automated support is available through the Beryl Chat Bot.  

How do I find the bikes? 

Finding Beryl Bikes by Breeze is easy. When you open the Breeze or Beryl app, you'll see the map of your immediate location and nearby bikes. You'll see two different symbols to indicate a bike and an e-bike. 

How do I unlock the bikes? 

Beryl Bikes by Breeze are unlocked by inputting the Bike ID number into the Breeze or Beryl app.  

Enter the 6-digit bike ID found on the unlock pad in the centre of the handlebars. 

What does it cost to use a pedal bike? 

Pedal bike riders can Pay-As-You-Ride at a cost of £1 to unlock + 5p per minute 

What does it cost to use an e-bike? 

E-bike riders can Pay-As-You-Ride at a cost of £1.50 to unlock and 10p per minute. 

How do I provide feedback or report an issue? 

On the Breeze app you can report issues and get in touch with transport operators using the ‘Support’ section of your Breeze Account. 

 To contact Beryl, you can: 

 1. Send an email to 

2. Use In-app chat 

3. Use Website chat 

4. Give Beryl a call on 020 3003 5044 from 7am - 9pm 


How will the bikes be protected against vandalism? 


The bikes are equipped with physical locks that can withstand vandalism, and Beryl use digital processes to receive alerts about vandalism and track the bikes along with on-street operations protect Beryl Bikes by Breeze from misuse and vandalism.  

How will the bikes be serviced and maintained? 

Beryl is responsible for regularly checking and maintaining the bikes and e-bikes to make sure riders have a safe and enjoyable ride. Beryl employs a team of field operatives, workshop and field mechanics to support this work.  

What happens if a bike is abandoned?  


Beryl Bikes by Breeze have smart tracking that give Beryl visibility of all the bikes and their locations. Beryl will collect and move bikes and e-bikes to meet rider demand. 

What are the key features of the bikes? 

  • Front basket with carrying capacity of 10kg 
  • Internal brakes for safe and reliable braking 
  • Bell 
  • Wide, puncture resistant tyres 
  • Laserlight which projects a safety light ahead of the bike, warning pedestrians, vehicles and other road users when a bike is approaching 
  • Rear lights and safety reflectors 
  • Brake lights 
  • Individually identifiable numbers on the frame  
  • Kickstand 
  • Chain cover 
  • Rear rack (e-bike only)  
  • Mud guard (e-bike only) 

Are riders insured?  

Public Liability Insurance is included in the prices charged for the scheme. More detail can be found in the service Terms and Conditions.

What resources are available to help safe cycling in the Solent region 

Visit: Cycle | My Journey Southampton 

How are parking hubs chosen? 

Working with Beryl and Solent Transport, we have reviewed available highway space where there is expected to be high demand for the service. 

Each location is then consulted on before approval is granted. 

Will other types of bikes be introduced? 

In the future, Beryl and Solent Transport plan to add cargo bikes as well as bikes adapted for people with mobility needs. This will improve accessibility of the scheme and allow riders to choose the best option to suit them. 

What is the minimum age for using the bikes? 

The minimum age for hiring and riding a bike is 16.  This is for insurance purposes.    

Under 16’s are strictly prohibited, and someone 16 or over must not unlock a bike for someone under the age of 16.