How can your school get involved?

If you are interested in investigating how clean the air is around your school please see our air quality toolkit and contact us to find out how you can source diffusion tubes to measure nitrogen dioxide at a cost of around £10 per tube. The toolkit includes everything schools need to run a successful air quality project. It can be used as a resource by teachers and educators to help younger children increase their understanding and awareness of air quality issues in a fun and engaging way.

The tool kit provides

  • A photo guide for use of diffusion tubes
  • Links to the National Curriculum
  • Factsheets that can be printed off and shared with pupils
  • An outline of the school’s diffusion tube investigation
  • Ideas for engaging staff, pupils and parents/carers in improving air quality
  • Forms for carrying out a car idling survey and surface wipe investigation.

Air quality resources

If you are looking to share the dangers of air pollution and some ideas on how to keep the air around your school clean, you can download our air quality assembly.

For some fun ideas of how to get your pupils thinking about air quality why not download one of these activities that you could even use as part of a clean air picnic in the local playing field or on your school grounds.

Contact us for more information and to get involved!